A Film In The Making



Waking up is a feature film movie project that has been under development since 2011. It is a THOUGHT EXPERIMENT so to speak, where we imagine that a world like this as been achieved sometime in the future. We see this world through the eyes of a contemporary man that suddenly finds himself in that world.

Open source

It has been an open source project and the story has evolved in collaboration with an online community. Harald Sandö is the founder and creator of the project. It started as a dream about a new and better world in the late seventies, when Harald was in his early teens. He dreamt about a better world for Humanity, where everyone could thrive and prosper. In 2008 he discovered The Venus Project that had designed a world with a system very close to what Harald had imagined. Son of a Norwegian actor and director, Harald had started working with film only a couple of years earlier. The idea for Waking Up started to bloom even more when Harald met Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows in Stockholm in 2010. He had just moved to Sweden and wanting to help them realise an idea about a movie they had had themselves for many years to present their ideas, Harald ended up developing Waking Up himself, inviting in others from the online communities of The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement to brainstorm ideas. The story as it is today took shape over several years, and now the screenplay is in its third draft, ready to be developed into a final draft and eventually a full movie. The project has been open source from the start with Harald Sandø as the copyright holder. 99% of it is written by Harald Sandø himself, while the script has been open online for others to write and comment. The project is still open source, but now the script will have to be requested as a pdf if one wants to contribute to it in any way. The story is set, but improvements in dialogue and structure is always possible.Although, now what is most needed is a producer, a team, and money to realise it as a full movie. To request the script, please send an email to copyright holder, Harald Sandø: haraldsando@gmail.com

The Story

In the year 2112, the hyper rich businessman Benjamin Michaels wakes up after 100 years of cryonic sleep, only to find that there’s no money or trading anymore in the world. The planet and Humanity has been saved from collapse and extinction and is living in peace and harmony. Competition and hoarding has been replaced by collaboration and sharing. The environment is clean, peace reigns, there are no borders or wars and free travel is possible everywhere. The world has become a virtual paradise. Technology helps people and the planet staying healthy and optimised. People are enjoying themselves, living lives most people only dream of today. It would have been a dream for most people, but for Ben it is a foreign world he has trouble adapting to. He tries the best he can, but just as this new world starts to grow on Ben, another wake-up tries to change it back again, creating new conflict and struggle. Ben becomes an advocate for this new world, trying to protect it from this new threat from the past. Peter, a former secret agent, is trying to bring the whole world back to the old system of money, trading, war and conflict. Will he succeed? Find out by requesting a copy of the script.. What will the world look like IF Humanity chooses a positive direction starting from today? What will a film look like when we apply optimistic realism to the script? Can we make it exiting? Compelling? Challenging?

Want to help?

If you like this concept and want to help out, there are several things you can do:

  • Contribute. If you think you have some thoughts about how this film can be in terms of structure and dialogue, go to the rules page for more info.
  • Donate. To donate, click the menu button on the top.
  • Produce. If you have any experience in the film industry, a producer is what is most needed at this point, finding financing, cast and crew, assembling a team for all the things needed in the production of this movie.. 

Proof of concept short film

The following scene is for demonstration purposes of the concept of the film. It was made on a zero(literally) budget by Harald Sandø and the two actors in 2011. It won the Official Selection in the Cinema Out Of Your Backpack festival of the same year.