Waking Up movie was started as an open source project in 2011 and now has a full THIRD draft ready of the screenplay.

Read the screenplay.

The screenplay is now in its third draft and is closed for further suggestions, unless you are a professional film producer that has the ability to find funding for this movie. But even if you are a producer like that, we sincerely hope that you will not alter the main story too much, but still let the message of a positive future come through strongly. To request a copy of the screenplay, send an email to copyright holder, Harald Sandö;

We look forward to hear from you.

The film project is aimed at a global audience, depicting a positive future world that works for everyone on the planet. Our aim is to make this movie a global blockbuster, showing people all over the world that a better future is possible and inspire and motivate as many as possible to create this future today. We believe that the world is more ready for a film like this now than ever before in history. Let’s make this movie and inspire the world towards what is possible.