Rules and Guidelines

These are rules and guidelines for submissions and contributions to the film Waking Up.

  1. Collaboration. Waking Up was started as a collaborative movie project where the public was invited to participate in the development of the story and manuscript online. 
  2. Submission. Any person openly submitting material online to this project (Waking Up movie script and story), whether as a comment, addition or edit to any document related to this project or submission of a completely new document related to this project, donates the submission to the project under the open source license Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, with copyright holder Harald Neslein Sandø. 
  3. Contribution. Any contribution can be used or not be used, as it is, changed or used as inspiration for something else. All contributions must come in written form online. 
  4. Purpose. The purpose of this movie is a ‘thought experiment’ to present what a future can be like about a 100 years from now if humanity chooses a positive direction of love, sharing, giving, compassion and peace, and we update our values, social systems and technology accordingly. In this future there is no money or ownership (or at least looked at completely differently), and the global economy is something like a resource based economy
  5. Time. Most of the action happens in the year 2115 with elements from present time and from the long transition. 2112 is far away enough for us not to know exactly how it is going to look, leaving plenty of room to imagine the positive future we would like, but near enough for us to guess. 
  6. Concept. The concept used to tell the story is a fictive person (Benjamin Michaels) from present time who wakes up from cryopreservation in 2112. This leaves lots of room to present what this world looks like and how it works to the audience, since this person has to experience this new world for the first time, just like the audience. It can also create a lot of drama in terms of medical complications, meetings with old relatives, trouble with adjusting to the new world, and more. Only our imagination is the limit! 
  7. Protagonist. The protagonist is Benjamin Michaels (called Ben), a former businessman waking up from cryopreservation in 2115 after having been frozen in 2015. The film will center around Ben’s experiences in this new world. 
  8. Movie. Waking Up is a full feature length narrative film and not a TV series, web series, short film or an ‘edutainment film’, even though it will definitely be educational in several aspects. A TV series, web series or an educational documentary based on this film might be considered later. 
  9. Language. The movie language is English, and all submissions has to be in English. 
  10. The Script and Story. The plot has now been set and no other plot lines will be considered at this moment.