Third draft is finished

Dear friends. I now have the joyful news to share, that the THIRD DRAFT of the Waking Up screenplay is finished. I have been working one-handedly for the last two years on incorporating all the ideas I have gotten in the past 5 years since my stroke. Although I was devastated by becoming completely paralysed in half my body, the screenplay never left my mind for even one day. New improvements and ideas kept coming and I wrote them all down. Now they are all incorporated into the screenplay. I have also tidied up in the story structure, making sure it is as good as possible. The third draft is a good place to stop before a producer gets involved, as it now contains all the essential elements, while there is still room for improvements and adjustments as there always will be before the final draft is ready. The screenplay is now 131 pages long, which will make it into an about 2 hour long movie. If you want to read it, please email me on But be aware that it is now closed for comments and suggestions, unless they are extremely good, do not require a complete rewrite, or you are a producer with access to money, or all three…


The next step now is to find a professional film producer interested in taking on the project. If small, then he/she must be willing to go out and look for bigger producers with access to the kind of budget this kind of movie requires.


Leonardo DiCaprio has been thought of as a very good candidate for both a producer and the actor for the lead character, Ben. Not only is he an avid champion for the environment and planet, he has also teamed up with two other American billionaires in the fight to save our planet in what they call Earth Alliance;

They want to inform and influence the world in all kinds of ways of the grave situation we are in, how we can get on the right track and what kind of world we can get if we do. What can be better than getting a feature film screenplay in their laps depicting a world where their dreams has come through, the environment has been saved and the world is at peace? Leonardo is a philanthropist and has his own film production company, Appian Way. And the more I have thought about it, the more I think he could fit perfectly as the main character Ben, as he is an expert on playing emotionally challenged characters. And I have a strong belief that if he only read the script he will get excited and hopefully want to produce it, as he is the one person on the planet in the absolutely best position to make this movie a global blockbuster, and thus influencing and inspiring the most people possible to work together to create this future. Of course, a person like Leonardo isn’t easy to get in contact with, unless you know someone that knows him. But I think that the more buzz we can create around this movie together, the bigger the chance it is that it reaches him in some way or another. I think this is the first and best option to get this film made and it is best to try this first in all kinds of ways before other options/producers are approached. If you have any thoughts about this, or want to help, please contact me on the email above. Hope to hear from you.


Harald Sandö