Leonardo Dicaprio?

Dear friends and supporters. As the third draft of the screenplay is now ready, the time has come to find a producer and get this movie made. During my finishing of the last version of the screenplay I started to think, mainly for fun, which a-listed Hollywood actor would be the best match to play Ben, the billionaire? And could I also find one that is a philanthropist that could be a supporter of the movie and the message itself, and help finance the whole thing and do the job pro bono to support the cause…? After having had thoughts about several good Hollywood actors, I came to the inevitable conclusion; Leonardo DiCaprio. Why? He is right in so many ways:

  1. He is a fantastic actor, and an expert on playing “emotionally challenged” characters.
  2. He is the right age.
  3. He is a philanthropist and an environmental activist. Waking Up depicts the world of his dreams, so it should be a perfect movie for him, no?
  4. He is a UN Messenger of Peace. www.un.org/en/messengers-peace/leonardo-dicaprio
  5. He has his own film production company that could easily finance and produce the movie. Appian Way.
  6. He has his own Foundation “Dedicated to the protection and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants”. https://www.leonardodicaprio.org
  7. He has teamed up with two other American billionaires for protection of the planet in Earth Alliance(https://ealliance.org), so money shouldn’t be a problem.
  8. Waking Up Movie has to be a perfect opportunity for him and Earth Alliance to inspire people all over the world to create a better future..?!
  9. With Leonardo DiCaprio Waking Up Movie can become a global blockbuster reaching the most people possible with the message.

But how to get it to him? Obviously, a man like him is not easy to get to. He is probably pitched several projects every week, god knows how many. So only getting through to him is an enormous task in itself. Most likely, he only responds to people he already know, and/or his agent, which is probably also flooded with offers.

In spite of all of this, I have a very strong belief that Leo is the man for the job and that if he only reads the script, there is a chance he will like it. So, how to get in touch with him…? There are ways of course, but none of them easy, unless you are an old friend of him. But here are some suggestions:

  1. Call his agent Rick Yorn. I have his number if you want to call.
  2. Try to get in touch with a friend of Leo and get him/her to tip Leo about the project.
  3. 3. Create a buzz online/in the media about Waking Up, so that Leo and his agent eventually hears about it and gets exited and maybe even contacts Waking Up!? Haha…

But anyway. I really want to try the Leo option before anything else, because I think that is the absolutely best option for the movie.

But I need help, obviously. Can you help or contribute in any way or have some ideas, please contact me on haraldsando@gmail.com

This has been a collaborative project all the way, so it’s only right that it still is in the phase it is now, no? I really hope to hear from you.

It needs tenacity, never giving up…