New short film: Waking Up In Paradise

Dear you who are still following this project. Yes I know, there is a while between blog posts. The reason being I have been busy making a new short film based on scene 62 from the now completed screenplay. The short film was made this fall. After two failed attempts on shooting the material, my eminent cast and crew insisted we try one more time. And on October 7. we finally found the date the whole team was available. The short film is called Waking Up In Paradise, is on 14:48 min and has been sent to over 100 festivals around the world, and it has won 5 awards already! It is a blatant promotion of the full screenplay, hoping the right producer/manager will see it and get in touch… Unfortunately I can not show you the whole short film here, as several of the festivals are super restrictive as it not having been shown for the public anywhere else before them.. But I did make a 28 sek teaser from it, which you can see here:

Waking Up In Paradise