Is Leonardo in sight..? Fundraiser post..

Hello dear friends, especially you who read this. Maybe you, like me, have still not given up on this movie..? Now it is almost 2 years since I finished the third draft of the screenplay, whereupon I got the crazy idea: “What a-listed Hollywood actor could fit for the main part of this movie? And landing on Leonardo Dicaprio, I have been on a long learning journey on how the “Hollywood system” works. The whole of 2021 was basically a “Hollywood school” for me. But now I have finally learned: In the American film industry everyone needs representation. Turns out that due to the movie industry being a multi-billion dollar industry, the Law is all important as in “who owns the copyright”. Thus, no creator or screenwriter can go directly to any production company with their work. The work has to come from a manager, agent or lawyer, who can guarantee the authenticity of the work and preferably have the right contacts. After I learned this, I have tried to find a manager that can take the screenplay onwards to the right people. As there are thousands of screenplays flooding Hollywood these days, finding a manager is not easy. But, after all of my research, I have found out that certain lawyers can do the same job. The problem with them is that they cost money. Alas, that is what I have to use it seems. But finding the right lawyer is not an easy task either! But still, I think I might have found one. His name is Asa Pitt in Pitt Entertainment Law( ). From my research it seems like he is a good guy. He seems to have in depth knowledge about the entertainment industry, copyright law, and also have some essential contacts. He has offered to read the script for 625 USD, and if he likes it he will present it to some people. Of course, it’s a risk to take, since if he doesn’t like it, the money may be wasted. If I had 625 lying around I would have done it as it seems to be the best chance I have with the script. Trouble is, I don’t have that money at the moment. So now I am begging YOU to donate. Yes, this post is a fundraiser post so maybe we can get one step closer to Dicaprio. Oh, by the way. Dicaprio can only be contacted through his manager Rick Yorn in LBI Entertainment. And these are the ones I hope mr. Pitt can contact for me. But can you help me with a little donation? If so, then just click on the DONATE button in the menu above. On that page you will find a PayPal donate button. And please spread this to your friends. Thank you so much! Let us create this movie so that the world can be created anew! Or just Click here to donate: DONATE