Writing a script and creating a movie is no small task. Especially not when we are going to do it together, and even try to imagine a positive future for a change. They say all good stories have to have conflict, and I think we can agree. At least some kind of conflict, be it in the characters head, or in the story itself.

Furthermore it has to have a balance between being a plot driven story and a character driven story. Meaning that a story where you only focus on the plot and the action and give very little insight into the psyche of the characters will become a flat story and evoke few emotions with the viewers. On the other hand, focussing too much on the characters, their internal conflict and psyche will become a boring story putting people to sleep, or just making them frustrated with the lack of action.

Here are the main elements in a screenplay:

  1. THE STORY CONCEPT – A single sentence telling who the main character of the story is and what he/she wants to accomplish.
  2. THE CHARACTERS – The people who populate the story.
  3. PLOT STRUCTURE – The events of the story and the relationship of the characters; determines what happens in the story and when it happens.
  4. THE INDIVIDUAL SCENES – With descriptions, action and dialogue to increase emotional involvement.

Here are some resources on writing:

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Let’s write!