A film about a positive future

What if you lived in a world without money?

A world where technology was truly advanced?

A world with no borders?

A world without war?

For billionaire shareholder Benjamin Michaels, that world is about to become his reality.

When Ben comes down with a terminal cancer in the year 2014, he undergoes cryopreservation to preserve his body until a cure can be found. 98 years later, he wakes up to the shock of a lifetime: money and capital are gone, all goods and services are freely exchanged, and everyone now works to protect and preserve the planet rather than destroy it. Is this the so-called communist future he had always feared would come to fruition?

Or is this world truly an unprecedented paradise?

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But as utopian as this world seems, it still has its share of problems. Ben is about to find out exactly what those problems are – and whom

A movie in the making

Waking Up movie was started as an open source project in 2011 and now has a full first draft ready of the screenplay. You can comment on it and give suggestions directly in the screenplay.

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The film project is aimed at a global audience, depicting a positive future world that works for everyone. Our aim is to make this movie a global blockbuster, showing people all over the world that a different future is possible and inspire and motivate as many as possible to create this future today.

A positive future

Waking Up is an open source science fiction movie about a positive future for humanity, for a change. In the year 2112, the world has gone through massive changes towards the positive. Both technology and human values has developed into a whole new world, positive in all aspects for humanity.

One of the aspects is that money and property is gone, and people do things for other reasons than hoarding wealth. Waking Up is about Ben’s experiences in this world and the difficulties he faces in waking up to this new reality.

10 comments to “A film about a positive future”
  1. I cannot wait for this movie – how refreshing to be focussed on human nature at its best rather than its worst for a change! Times are changing – energy is shifting to make way for our higher selves!

  2. Thank you for this! Im sure that in a near future even more people will be interested in this movie and willing to help.
    Again, thank you for helping our species, this movie is a great step forward!

    tips: you should use reddit! find a good subreddit and post there ask for collaboration, share this vid, its a great way to get even more interested people to join!

    • Thank you for the tip! Will definitely use Reddit.

      Btw, I’m not that familiar with Reddit, and this is an open source collaborative film, we have tons of stuff to do, and we are looking for more help! So, maybe you could do us the honour of posting this on Reddit for us? That would be fantastic!

      If you want to be a part of our team, that would be great too!

      Thank you in advance!

  3. I’m impressed. I previously had started a science fiction story to do what you have done here. I used space travel to generate “the jump”. I see the use of being “suspended” for 100 years as being equally effective and a lot easier — both in presentation and in plausibility for the reader. I think you have done a great job.

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